How it all started...


August 24, 2019

I slept well that night. Before going to bed, as always, I wrote a message to all our prayer friends. I was looking at Timosha for a long time. I took two photos. And fell asleep.

Every evening, I asked the nurses how long Timosha would live. And they often said that soon, but not today.

At 6 in the morning, the Lord woke me up. I could no longer fall asleep. I looked at Timosha. His breathing was very difficult that day. When I asked the nurse if it was the end, she said no. That there were no hours left, but not weeks either. In a word, soon…

Timosha had been feeling uncomfortable for the last few days. He couldn’t lie down comfortably and didn’t want me to lie down next to him. But today, when he was lying unconscious, I said to him: “Baby, I know that you didn’t want me to lie next to you for the last few days, I’m sorry, but I really want to do it.” There was no answer. But I didn’t expect it. I pushed him and lay down next to him. Hugged him.

I was looking into our big window. I could see the sky. It was windy. I sang his favorite songs: “Who am I, that the Lord of all the earth, would care to know my name, would care to feel my hurt?… I am a flower quickly fading, here today and gone tomorrow…”; “My heart belongs only to You”…

These are the songs he always wanted to sing before going to sleep. And we sang them together. I told him that morning about love. About Heaven. Those two hours we were so close…

I would hold him in my arms forever…

Around 7:45, I texted Yura: “Timosha is breathing heavily. Come quickly.”

I asked Timosha to take a good look at everything in Heaven, to get used to it, and when we come to him, to show us everything.

At 8:10 a.m. on August 24, 2019, Timosha took his three last breaths in my arms. I remember them. His heart stopped beating. And although the doctors were still connecting some devices, I already knew where my boy was. Now he is fine.

At that moment, I looked at the sky:

Spirit: Jesus, did you meet him well? He fell from my arms into Your arms…

HOLY SPIRIT: Yes. He is fine here. He smiles. He is ALIVE. He is more alive than ever before!

Spirit: Thank you, my heart is at peace. Thank you for Heaven.

In a few minutes I wrote for everyone:

“Our Timosha is already in the arms of Jesus! From 8:10 am. Nothing hurts him. He smiles widely! And he is running, running! He is so happy now!

Friends, there is no need to cry for him. We must cry for ourselves. Because we stayed here on earth. But thank God for Eternity!

My dear, if you have not yet committed your life to God, now is the time to do so! Because each of us will fall asleep. And I am happy that Timosha woke up in the arms of Christ. Therefore, take care of your eternal soul here on earth, now, today, on this Independence Day. That you will BE dependent on Christ! So that you wake up in Heaven like our little boy!

We love you!”

This is the way…

This is the life path of one little good boy Timosha. People from all over the world sent their condolences and words of encouragement. Frankly, not a single message said or read made it easier.

Only thoughts of Heaven warmed the soul. The fact that Timosha is doing incredibly well now. And if at least for a moment we could look there, we would definitely take care about spending eternity there.

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