Italian Churches open their doors


The Italian Evangelical Churches gladly opened their doors to “Timosha’s Smile”.

My usual presentation has become somewhat different. Because the fate of the Project (like the fate of each of us) was divided into “before” and “after” the war.

In recent months, we have been dealing a lot with families who have children with cancer. And with each story, I understand more and more how much Ukraine needs Christian Hospitals. It’s not even a matter of not taking bribes and having a positive attitude. We are talking about comforting broken hearts and hope in God, without which life in the hospital becomes unbearable.

Europeans do not always understand why we want to build a Clinic. And when I tell them about some “peculiarities of national medicine”, they cannot even imagine that in the 21st century there is a place for such things…

With God’s help, we will build it. We will win with Him!💪

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