God makes dreams come true


The Lord allows me to experience some moments that I did not even expect.

First: Ukrainian children with blood cancer receive treatment in one of the best clinics in Europe. And every time they meet, they thank “Timosha’s Smile” very much. We will all feel something similar when we build a hospital in Ukraine. One of the best in Europe. Suffering will be minimized. Children will have adequate, dignified conditions.

Second: we dreamed of a Church at the hospital, which would not be limited by denomination. There is a prayer room in the building project. With large windows. When I imagine the Church at the hospital, it is something very similar to the Church at war. Borders drawn by people and traditions are erased here. People are looking for God here. Here people see Christ. Here people feel the touch of the Holy Spirit. They may not be here for long. But united by a single desire – to know the Great One.

The beauty of Christ captures the heart. Christ’s love is not only in words. The pain is shared. No one expects anything from anyone. No one proves anything to anyone…
You know, in my dreams I paint every detail. Because the Church of Jesus Christ is the Love of His whole life. And she is so beautiful! Very similar to Him ❤️!

In a nutshell, today I felt again what I planned to feel only when the hospital would be built. We gathered with Ukrainians here in Italy to read the Bible and pray for Ukraine. Gathered around Him. This was not a prescribed project, a planned “evangelistic” peace event. It was just… somehow so natural.
Everyone wanted to look for Him. To seek comfort in His breath, in His gaze, in His presence. It was so unusual. Few people you know for more than a month. And you are not interested in “church denomination” at all. You just love God and people. And we are not around for long. We are fine. And we long for Living Water.
We had Holy Communion… What a celebration it was… To tears… God unites us. The war united us. We are Ukrainians. God’s ways are strange… But my heart is so warm…

I love you, my dear God.

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