Evacuation on April 16-17, 2022


In the morning I heard Yura was telling Semik about today’s holiday. Jesus enters Jerusalem. And he said one thing that touched my heart. The story began like this: the disciples of Jesus Christ came to a man and said, “The Lord needs your donkey.”

“God needs your donkey…”

And I realized that more than ever, the Lord needed our donkeys. Where we are. Our homes, our cars, our hugs, our smiles, our desire to help, our hospitality, our willingness, our sacrifice, our kindness, our courage, our everything!

God needs us. God is not waiting for a “donkey” that I do not have. He will never ask for what I cannot give. He comes exactly to the address. He takes a donkey and goes to victory. Heavy, painful – but to victory!

If you do not yet know what kind of “donkey” your Almighty needs, here is a simple recipe: get on your knees. You close your eyes. And you say to Him, “Lord, I want to be Your hands, feet, lips, ears here on earth.” Then you look around. And you are not looking for those who would serve you. But you are looking for those whom you can help. Today. Everything is simple. Prepare the donkey. God will use it.

God does good deeds on earth with our hands.

Together. To victory! 💙💛



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