Thank you God for the honor of being alive


Today I finally felt, lived, enjoyed what the Lord did here in Italy. Families who were evacuated from Ukraine by “Timosha’s Smile” to Monza gathered in the park today. Since the beginning of the war.

We talked. I smiled a lot. And often tears came to my eyes. Because they are in a safe place.

One young girl approached me and said with shame: “I had better stay in my city. I would volunteer there… »

I thought… What if I stayed in Rivne? Yes, that would save me from being judged by others. But would all these happy faces be here today? Could a boy, who found out about the diagnosis on Sunday and was already on a bus to Monza on Monday, be able to get the transplant? Where would Dasha be? She lived in Zaporizhzhia, and from the first minutes in an Italian hospital repeated: “I’m in paradise!” And in a few months, her daughter will have a transplant.

And a mother who met Angelina Jolie in the ward? And Nikitka, who had chemotherapy in the first days of the war, and when he came here – the diagnosis was not confirmed. Oh my God !!! I am writing and crying !!!! Thank you! Thank you for my life, full of You. Filled with people.

I do not know why each of us had to live during the terrible war. But I know for sure that your Life is not a coincidence! I know for sure that you, dear Soul, are very much needed by the Lord and the people where you are now!

Each of us writes his own book of Life. Today. I know that the terrible war and the evil demons who started it wanted to erase, burn, and destroy our souls! But no! We LIVE by God’s grace. We create. We breathe.

While your heart is beating, LIVE! Don’t die while you are alive. I know – it hurts… It hurts a lot… But LIVE! Write your Book! We will write hundreds of books after the war: about unbrokenness, about authenticity, about honor, about courage, about Him, about Miracles!

LIVE. Live now. Inhale a full chest of air. You will be able to breathe! Do not allow yourself to think that you, dear Soul, are less valuable than others. Lord, You have shown so many beautiful Souls around. Real People.

Thank you God for the honor of BEING Ukrainian. Thank you for the honor of being alive. Thank you God for the honor of BEING yours.

I’m sorry I couldn’t look up at Heaven for so long. Sorry for being silent for so long… Sorry for wanting to prove something to You… You are beautiful. Today I look at the sky with a smile. I love You.

Your J.

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