A wonderful evacuation story of a family from Vinnytsia


Hello, my friends!

I promised that I would introduce you to the stories of the families that were evacuated to Italy for treatment.

Every story is a miracle. God’s miracle. When I tell about each of them – I cry because I understand that God saw everything in advance. That our hero boy Timosha died not in vain. That his life and death have already influenced the earthly and eternal lives of many people who touch “Timosha’s Smile”.

God knew everything in advance… This awareness comforts the depths of the Soul. And when I look at the smiling and grateful faces of parents whose children are suffering from blood cancer, I realize every time that our happiness has been paid for. Jesus paid for freedom with death.

The freedom of Ukraine is paid for by heroic soldiers. Changes in Ukrainian medicine have also been paid for! And listening to each story, I once again understand that Ukraine needs Christian hospitals.

So, ” Timosha’s Smile” will be built.

Let me introduce you to the Strembovsky Family from Vinnychyna. Recorded from the words of Iryna’s mother:

“When the war started, mother and Ulyana were being treated in Kyiv in Okhmatdyt. I was in Vinnytsia. On February 22, we had another daughter. My mother and I always kept in touch.

On February 25, my mother called and said that Kyiv was being shelled and all departments, including Hematology, were going down to the basement during an air raid. Everyone knows that children undergoing chemotherapy need everything to be very sterile, but if they went down to the basement several times a day, and sometimes even had to spend the night there, what cleanliness and sterility can we talk about ?… And at that time, our Ulyana caught an infection, and it was necessary to remove the subclavian catheter, through which she received chemotherapy and other medicine.

The next time, my mother calls and says that the evacuation of cancer patients to Poland is starting. Then we thought together: “What should we do? To go or not to go?” Together we decided that we would stay in Okhmatdyt. Days pass, mom says that the second bus should go to Poland, but we refuse again (we didn’t know then that God had prepared something better for us through “Timosha’s Smile”). We didn’t even imagine that Ulyana and my mother, as well as me and the newborn Sofia and my husband, would go to Italy for treatment, but God knew… Now I understand why we didn’t go to Poland…

Three children and three adults were going from Okhmatdyt (Ulya with her grandmother, Lyuda with her daughter Sonya, and Tanya with her daughter Kira). From Kyiv, they left for Rivne, where they were supposed to spend the night and head to Italy the next day. My husband and Sofia also went from Vinnytsia to Rivne, where we met. They went to Rivne with Denys Horkovchuk (a volunteer of “Timosha’s Smiles”). They did not have enough time to leave Kyiv when the curfew began. Every time they reached each roadblock, as my mother said, it seemed that “the soul froze”…

It was scary when they saw that the barrel of the gun was aimed at their car, but when our soldiers looked inside the car and saw that sick children were being transported (you could see it right away because they were all bald), the tension disappeared, says the mother. It was the Lord who brought them out of that hell…

At one of the checkpoints, they were turned around and told that they were not allowed to go this way, because ahead of them was a checkpoint that was bombed 15 minutes ago. It’s scary to imagine what could have happened if they had arrived at that tragic place 15 minutes earlier…

My mother says that Denis is a very heroic person! Having his family in Rivne, he risked his life to save the lives of our children. Thank God, thank God for protecting us.

Meanwhile, at home in Vinnytsia, I couldn’t find a place for myself, I was worried about them, how they would get there, I prayed…

It’s two o’clock in the morning, my mother calls and says that they are already in Rivne, everything is fine. Denis took them in at his apartment. In the morning we also left for Rivne. The next morning, everyone was going together by bus from Rivne to Italy.

Many thanks to Svitlana Svyridyuk (coordinator of “Timosha’s Smiles”) and the volunteer nurses of the Foundation. They made the trip as comfortable as possible.

My husband was not allowed at the border. I cried and felt afraid… What’s next? Ulyanka and her mother will be in the hospital, but what will I do with my newborn baby, how can I help my mother and Ulyanka? But I did not know that God did not leave me, and a week later Yaroslav came to us in Italy…

In Italy, I already met Yulia Sanko. I had tears of happiness from the way we were welcomed, the doctors immediately examined Ulya and little Sofia. We were given a lot of food, and clothes for the children! Then I definitely felt that we are safe… To get to a hospital of this level is truly a miracle of God! Centro Maria Letizia Verga is an extraordinary clinic.

We also want and believe that one day we will have such a hospital in Ukraine: with highly qualified doctors, with decent conditions in the wards, with a good attitude towards children and their parents…

We will help “Timosha’s Smile” in every possible way to make it a reality for our Ukrainian children.”

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